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Financial Elder Abuse

Seniors are often vulnerable to financial abuse due to physical or mental weaknesses, or due to dependence upon others The abusers may hold themselves out as ones helping the seniors with their financial or insurance needs, calling themselves “senior specialists” or “retirement advisers.”

Seniors may also be financially abused in the workplace. Some employers take advantage of the reality that a senior employee may find it difficult to change jobs and so will condone wage violations in order to keep their jobs.

Our seniors can be vulnerable to harm resulting from financial fraud. This may arise in business dealings with their own insurance companies, banks or financial institutions, or employers. Our firm has pioneered the idea of creatively utilizing California's Financial Elder Abuse laws and its remedies to assist the senior worker in employment claims.

Contact Us if a senior is taken advantage of or has lost monies or retirement funds as a result of a business transaction or employment relationship.


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